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The Grand Adventures of Mrs S, Pyjamas, Crumpets and IVF

40% – A chance anyhow!

Today we got the gift of hope. Hope for a future with children. Today we were told that we can go ahead with the IVF. I'm really quite excited about the whole thing even though I'm also trying desperately not to be. There is after all quite a large chance it won't work - the statistics say so. But still...

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Day 40 – Down Regulation

This morning I had my Down Regulation appointment. This consisted of yet another internal scan. And being taught how to use the pen that holds my next lot of drugs. Somehow I get the feeling that sticking a needle in... Continue Reading →

The Blogger Recognition Award

So having been awarded The Blogger Recognition Award jointly with my husband over at Lost Astronomer I now have to figure out what to do with it. Also many thanks to Quinn from When Do I get the Manual for giving... Continue Reading →

Moving house

So my husband warned me that moving house is stressful. He should know he's done it loads of times. The wonders of being a military brat. I've moved house a total of four times in my life. All of which... Continue Reading →

Day 32 or Day 11

So I've been on the synarel for the best part of a fortnight now. The symptoms haven't been too bad I don't think. Mr S may disagree. I've been incredibly moody but I'm not certain I can blame the drugs... Continue Reading →

A House Divided

Today is the day. Biggest rugby day of the year and our house is divided. Mr S on one side and myself on the other. We also have valuers seeing our house today... But, the rugby... Just need to check... Continue Reading →

Patience and Procrastination

So Mr S, wonderful as he is, is currently sorely trying my patience. We have a lot to do. I mean loads. And I'm sorely pressed to get him to do the dishes, let alone sort any stuff out. When... Continue Reading →

Order from chaos

Well sort of. With the family to help out we've moved quite a lot of furniture out of the house today. Well when I say quite a lot I mean the humongous desk in the  study, our wardrobe and several... Continue Reading →

Day 21 or Day 1 depending

Today is the 21st day of my cycle. And the first day using the nasal spray which is meant to cause Down Regulation. That is the mini menopause. Woohoo lucky me. In a couple weeks there's a scan and if... Continue Reading →


So with the drug sniffing (my mother has informed me that medication sounds better than drugs - I think all my talk of drugs may be starting to freak her out slightly) starting tomorrow the stress levels in our household... Continue Reading →

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