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The Grand Adventures of Mrs S, Pyjamas, Crumpets and IVF

40% – A chance anyhow!

Today we got the gift of hope. Hope for a future with children. Today we were told that we can go ahead with the IVF. I'm really quite excited about the whole thing even though I'm also trying desperately not to be. There is after all quite a large chance it won't work - the statistics say so. But still...

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And Pause!

Well that's that then, no more IVF for a few months.  Today we went to the Fertility Clinic for a baseline scan before starting on the next round of IVF in this case a frozen round. They were using the... Continue Reading →

Sunshine and lollipops

The sun has come out with a vengeance. Starting yesterday. Or at least starting properly yesterday. The couple of days before yesterday alternated between blazing sun and pouring rain. It was very odd. Many rainbows. I do like a good... Continue Reading →

Stress it’s a killer sir!

Bartok had it right! I'm convinced stress is bad for me what with the IVF starting again, as my period has started and the house moving and just everything. I'm not dealing well with anything at the moment....

Teaching The Lost Astronomer Welsh: Animals

As a farm girl animals have been a big part of my life and as we spend much time visiting the farm anifeiliaid (animals) are nice easy things to teach. I'm not very original and find it better if the Lost... Continue Reading →

One of those days…

I knew today was going to be annoying as soon as I stepped out of my front door this morning. The reason for this was that just as the door closed I realised that my keys were inside. This is... Continue Reading →

Teaching the Lost Astronomer Welsh: Family

So I'm very close to my teulu (family) and as a result the gwr (husband) and I spend a lot of time traveling back and forth to Wales. Two and a half hours from our current cartref (home) and probably... Continue Reading →


The last time I went to the cinema was to see LaLaLand which I wasn't that impressed with: not MGM enough for me! That feels like last year sometime, although I am aware it's probably only a couple months ago.... Continue Reading →

IVF Time to Reflect

So we're about 5 weeks on from the period that made it clear that our first round of IVF has failed. I didn't even get to do a pregnancy test while not bleeding... Today, we saw the doctor - he... Continue Reading →

All alone

So the Lost Astronomer started his new job with the Civil Service last week. Which is apparently amazing. (To which I say, thank goodness. Especially as we're in the process of upping sticks and moving to Hampshire. Things would be awkward if... Continue Reading →

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