Today we got the gift of hope. Hope for a future with children. Today we were told that we can go ahead with the IVF. I’m really quite excited about the whole thing even though I’m also trying desperately not to be. There is after all quite a large chance it won’t work – the statistics say so. But still.

Our problem is Undiagnosed Infertility which after much poking and prodding and giving of blood I’m really rather cross about. I work far better with facts. You’d think that something would have shown up in one of the stupid tests. I mean – if they know the problem it’s either fixable, or it’s not – in which case you have to deal with it and move on. And while I realise that nothing being wrong is a good thing, it’s still dreadfully frustrating.

On the plus side – a chance that something will work!

Here’s the plan – I phone the Fertility Clinic on the first day of my next cycle (in a week or so if my period behaves itself – which to be fair it usually does, hence my confusion about this whole infertility thing) and then 21 days later I start the Down Regulation process, then there’s the whole injecting myself with hormones bit, then the egg harvesting bit, then the mixing it all together with the sperm of Mr S. bit and finally the embryo is stuck back inside me using a catheter… This does not sound like a fun process.

But a chance that by next Christmas I will be a Mami. An awesome yet terrifying thought!

Stray thought: Why is it my husband is a Grammar Nazi yet can’t spell?