My husband – he is a competitive type…

So apparently we are now a family of bloggers. Yesterday I started my very own blog. Mostly for somewhere to whinge as I go through this whole IVF thing and for some reason, best known to my brain, I whinge better in written format. Or at least I suspect it makes slightly more sense.

My husband who has never shown the slightest inclination for blogging in the past, has suddenly decided to start his own blog The Lost Astronomer detailing the IVF experience from the male perspective. Now to be fair this is a truly awesome idea and I wish I’d thought of it. However, he and I both know he started it because he is a truly competitive type. Oh, and so he can ramble on about astronomy on occasion.

However despite the hours he spent on his blog today. As opposed to say tidying or doing his OU work we’ve still managed to get a fair bit done. Our Christmas Tree is gone to tree heaven and our house no longer looks as if wolves live there as opposed to people. We’re messy types at heart and never quite master the mess in its entirety. But hey ho at least we try, and we do manage to keep up the illusion of being productive adult types to our families.


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