Sewing, or at least attempting to…

So while my husband over at The Lost Astronomer continues to blog about IVF and what we’ve been up to so far. Large amounts of paperwork and many, many tests. I’m going off topic.

While my husband has been closed up in our study/spare room/everything random we own room/even more books room (it’s multipurpose OK, don’t judge the poor rooms lack of identity) studying for his Physics and Maths degree I’ve been busy trying to bring SOME order to the chaos. I succeeded (at least enough that I didn’t feel guilty playing with my new toy). My Mum a.k.a. Sion Corn (Welsh for Father Christmas) as she still likes to be known, bought me a sewing machine for Christmas.

Now sewing is a new skill for me, I attended a local sewing class between about September and December last year. I managed using the teachers sewing machine to create a surprisingly pretty skirt, which I have yet to wear. I don’t really do skirts at the best of times and definitely not when it’s cold. I also did a quilt out of a bunch of old t-shirts. So after succeeding at these two items I decided that I’d bite the bullet and ask old Sion Corn for my very own machine.

And here it is…

It seems to be fairly straightforward to use and I’m going to attempt to practice whenever we’re actually home for the weekend. I’m going to leave off the lessons and see if I can teach myself to make things, now that I have the basics. I taught myself to crochet completely from scratch, I’m semi-confident I can teach myself to make things without the supervision of a teacher… Maybe.

Wish me luck… I may need it.


7 thoughts on “Sewing, or at least attempting to…

  1. Wow, I’m also trying to teach myself how to crochet at present by watching videos. I hope I can learn all this without help from an actual person… And maybe I’ll try sewing next time. I’m a disgrace to our family of sewers. I’m the only one who can’t operate a sewing machine ✌ (but I do running and back stitches by hand very well)


    • I taught myself to crochet with a magazine that taught you a different stitch every week. And had a bunch of patterns in. It was really useful, though probably too expensive. On the plus side. I can now crochet! Loosely – I’ve never managed tension very well!

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