I miss my shower

I love a bath.But a bath should be long and luxurious and involve a book of some description and bubbles. Not a quick dip just to get clean every morning. Our shower has sadly died a death so for the time being a bath it is. To be fair it died before Christmas on the day my sister-in-law descended for a couple of days (so perfect timing) and it died in between Mr S having his shower and going to work and me trying to have one. I was so unimpressed by this.

Due to visiting relatives in various parts of England and Wales we hadn’t been in the house for more than a night at a time over the Christmas/New Year holidays. It was awesome but tiring and didn’t give us time to find/contact and request a plumbing visit as we obviously wouldn’t be there to receive them. So, back to work we went at the beginning of last week I got a number from a neighbour and we phoned them up Friday. Today the plumber came apparently repairing said shower is pointless and we should have a new one fitted at £350. £350! I think we need other quotes at the very least.

I’ve contacted our House Insurance to see if they’ll cover it. But somehow I doubt it. And there goes more cash. I swear whenever I’m actually trying to be frugal and save some money something goes wrong.

Mainly we’re saving up so Mr S can do all the OU modules he wants next year and therefore finish the bloody thing. I’m looking forwards to the days Mr S has free time again. It gets lonely on occasion as I’ve no real friends in Oxfordshire and my family are for the most part all in Wales. We see them on a regular basis but it’s just not the same as being able to drop in and have a cup of tea now and again of an evening, which would be nice when Mr S is so busy with his coursework. And he has tons of the stuff.

I’m not normally this maudlin about the OU, as I know it’s a good thing that will help Mr S with his post-military career, but I get lonely and frustrated especially in the week or so leading up to my period. I swear in my pre-pill days I didn’t get this down about the small stuff but whatever caused me to be completely mentally unbalanced (weeping all the time levels of unbalanced)  while I was on the pill, now seems to come out pre-period not quite as strongly for the most part, (thankfully) but enough to make me down in the mouth and easily irritated. The pill messed up my perfect cycles and made me slightly mad. This has made me ever so slightly wary of how the IVF drugs will mess with me, seeing as obviously they too will mess with my hormones…. I think Mr S is right to be afraid. 🙂


2 thoughts on “I miss my shower

  1. Oh man the pill wrecked me in so many ways. Obviously if you’re looking into IVF then you’re not wanting birth control right now, but for the future, I recommend looking into the copper IUD – no hormones! Best of luck with the IVF 🙂


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