Who knew Pizza could go so wrong?

Today has been on of those days in our house. Nothing seems to have gone right. Down to and including the Pizza we stuck in the oven because we were too lazy to cook.I mean pizza is practically foolproof. You stick it in the oven for however long it says on the box. And that’s it, you’re done. But not today. I stuck the pizza in the oven as usual, without a baking tray – again as usual. Went back 15 minutes later and the pizza was going through the oven shelves. Literally through. There was pizza on each level of the oven, levels of through. On the plus side we did manage to salvage most of it, it just wasn’t pizza shaped. More a mound of dough, cheese and pepperoni. Lesson learned – use a baking tray! There’s a reason it says this on the box apparently! Who knew!?


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