Where’s my share of the snow?

So there’s been a huge fuss the last couple of days about this thing called thunder snow and how it was coming our way. Weather warnings and everything.  So there I was in work keeping half an eye on the window in case I needed to make a great escape. The closest it’s been so far is some sleet. Though Mr S claims it was snowing at his work. I still decided to leave work half an hour early just in case. While Oxford is pretty enough, being snowed in at work doesn’t appeal to me. At all. Also I didn’t have my snow boots, (my snow boots are awesome) so it just wasn’t suitable.

So currently I’m at home, curled up in front of the fire with a really good book. Naomi Novik’s Uprooted if anyone is interested. And every now and again I’ll peak out of the window to see if there’s any snow falling from the sky. So far nothing. Where’s my share of the snow!

UPDATE: There is definitely no snow – it’s a cold, clear night and the moon looks beautiful. I know this as I just had to run to the nearest supermarket to buy my husband a ruler and a maths set. That’s right, my husband who has been studying maths and physics for the past few years, years mind you, suddenly realised he really could do with the basic maths equipment everyone has in school…


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