And so it begins…

Or at least it will in 21 days time. Or it should. I managed to forget my phone today, which was rather inconvenient as I needed to phone the fertility clinic and go “my period has started.” Not to mention that all IVF info was on the phone. Luckily I could get the husband to email me info (which I’d sensibly shared with him). Unfortunately I had to do all this through the work email. As my personal email suffers from two step verification which is a good sensible precaution, except when I forget my phone. Then it’s annoying. 

I suppose I could have phoned from work, but seeing as I’m in an open plan office and have only told two people this is happening as a general warning of things to come, I was a bit uncomfortable with that idea. So work email it was. I doubt any IT snoopers, know who I am or care that I’m going through IVF but I still felt weird using my work email. 

What I found weirder was the fact that the IVF clinic wanted me to give my address again, say what sort of cycle I was going through and that kind of thing. I mean me and the husband spent ages filling out loads of paperwork about this sort of thing a while back. We basically had several trees worth of forms to fill in. Surely all of this must be in a file somewhere? Or even on a computer this being the 21st Century and IVF being a reality instead of some weird sci-fi idea. So I’m a bit concerned about that. I mean I think I’m doing long protocol IVF but no one has ever specifically told me this. They just said you take the sniffy (down regulation) drug for about three weeks then you take the uber egg production one for another few weeks. From what I’ve read that’s long protocol. But I may be completely wrong. So I’m slightly scared about that, I don’t want to mess things up at this stage. So I shall phone them up to confirm on Monday in the hopes I haven’t done anything phenomenally stupid… 


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