Mirror, mirror on the wall

Well, leaning nonchalantly against the wall above the mantelpiece. But totally the same thing. Honest. Last weekend I bought a mirror from eBay and today we went to collect it. I’m really rather pleased with it! It fits for starters, internet shopping has been known to go wrong for me when it comes to furniture fitting where I want it to in the past. It’s also pretty, looks right and here’s the important part. Only cost £20.

All in all, despite general monthly mehness I feel I’ve had a good day. We went to collect said mirror, then had lunch at a really lovely pub. 

Better than all of that is my incredibly stressed husband seems to have cheered up slightly as the day has progressed. This too has cheered me up something awful. And he’s shaved and had his hair cut. This is brilliant as he was starting to look like a homeless boy, very unlike Mr S. He’s the one who always turns out looking smartly dressed, while I’m wandering around beside him in jeans and T-shirt (and jumper in this weather), with my hair in a snarl and not really caring how I look – well, I do, it’s just I’m not very good at keeping tidy and I’d far prefer to be comfortable than smart! So when Mr S gives up looking his best I get anxious. It really bothers me as it’s a part of who he is, even if I tease him about it something awful when times are normal. 

Seeing my husband so stressed is a horrible thing as there’s absolutely nothing I can do to fix things except be there when he needs me to be. My own stresses caused by IVF and living where I don’t really want to live also doesn’t help him feel any better, and probably actually contributes to all the other things which are currently happening in life. So yeah the fact that he’s feeling even a tiny bit better this afternoon has made my day! 🙂


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