No books for an entire year…

So I decided this morning that a daily blog is a bit much. Maybe I should reduce how regularly I blog to two or three times a week depending on what I have to say.

However after making this decision, my husband Mr S and I made a momentous decision and I had to write about it. We made a deal not to buy any books for a year (apart from as gifts), that is 365 days of no new books. This may not seem that momentous to you, but to us it’s huge. I don’t think there’s been a month since I was old enough to spend money where I haven’t bought myself a new book. And definitely not a year. Which may explain why our house is overflowing with books.

This year will test our stubbornness to the limits I think. Which is after all half of what this is about. It’s a challenge, something to take our minds off the IVF and as we’re both doing it, neither of us will want to be the one to crack first and buy a book. This could end up saving us a substantial amount of money I should imagine.

So, how am I going to manage for a year (a whole year!) with no new books? Well, I’ve joined the local library for a start, something I should have done years ago really but I’m lazy. Secondly I’m one of those people who loves to reread, or at least to reread books that I have enjoyed. And thirdly, there are loads of books in the house I’ve never read as they’re not the sort of thing I’d normally go for, needless to say these belong to Mr S, however when needs must. Lastly there’s the free kindle books – it has been agreed in negotiations that these are allowed. So I think I shall manage. Just. 

This resolve may be tested if The Winds of Winter finally gets published.

Anyhow, watch this space if you want to see how we get on…


4 thoughts on “No books for an entire year…

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