A Day Out in London

So yesterday Mr S and myself took ourselves to London to see The Book of Mormon (a Christmas gift). The music was impressive but to be honest it really wasn’t my thing. And I love musicals. But the bad language and the insulting everyone under the sun bothered me. My husband on the other hand loved it and laughed a lot! So one of us had a fabulous time at least. And I believe it will be my hook to getting him into musicals.

To be fair to the performance perhaps I’d have enjoyed it more if I was in a better frame of mind. Unfortunately for them I really wasn’t.

We met my good friend and her husband for lunch beforehand, and found out they were expecting. The thing is I know they’d put off baby making due to travelling, and I also know my friend suffers from polycistic ovaries, not to mention that the only time her periods have been normal, ever, was when she lived with me and her periods matched up. So I was jealous. To put it mildly.

This was a shock to me, so far other people being pregnant has never bothered me. But maybe this was one time too many? Or maybe I’m just terrified of what the next couple of months may bring? 

On the plus side I managed to say and do all the right things, perhaps with a bit less excitement than I normally would. I love children and usually get very excited but as it’s their first child, I doubt they noticed that I was more subdued about than usual. They have no experience of my usual reaction to these things. Thankfully. 

After we’d separated I more or less cried for a solid hour, which was the basically the whole first half of The Book of Mormon. See not fair to the performance. Most of it is a blur. But bits of it stuck, the bit I particularly didn’t like was the swearing at God bit. While I may not attend service as often as I should, I still believe in something. The other thing was, that if any other religion had been treated like this. The fuss would have been phenomenal. Instead it’s highly acclaimed – I don’t get it! But the music was catchy and the sets were clever. But it’s nowhere compared to the MGM classics which I love. 

Which leads me to wonder about LaLaLand. I really want to see if this lives up to the fuss, putting it on a par with said MGM classics. I’m going to go see it this week I think.

On the IVF front, drugs are being delivered next week some of which have to live in the fridge. And I have my timetable of what to take when. Argh! 

Oh and just to add to all the confusion my husband only went and got a job (Yay), and we’re now going to have to move. Which is fine, I want to move, but here’s the thing I want to move West closer to Wales and closer to my family. This job moves us further away from both. I’m going to have to find a new job, and we’re going to have to do whatever it is one does when selling a house. And then buy a new one. This we found out on Friday. On second thoughts, no wonder I went a bit mad when my friend said she was pregnant…


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