To Do – Everything

So, as I said in my previous blog, the husband has been offered a new job. Approximately 80 miles away. This is according to Google Maps 1:30-2:10 hours drive one way or nearly 3 hours via public transport. Too far to be healthy. This means we’re moving. Which means selling the house, which means sorting everything.

And I have absolutely no idea where to start. We have far too much stuff, our house is tiny and all our stuff makes it smaller. I need to find a new job, my IVF medicine starts next week. And my boss who has an encyclopedic knowledge of the whole department has decided to quit, she is in the process of “downloading” her brain to me (her terminology), and I’m there thinking how I’ll be leaving soon myself, but it’s too soon to say anything. I’m actually feeling guilty about wasting people’s time. But hey ho.

My husband and I have been putting a to do list together, the thing is all of this is high level stuff. Painting, resealing the bathroom etc. Stuff which yes we need to do but can’t until all the little stuff is done. That is sorting through all our stuff. Except where to start? How to start? And when can we do it. Well, when can I do it – the husband has a pile of Open University deadlines looming so I feel I may be stuck with the majority of the work somehow.  The plus here, however is that I am far more ruthless when it comes to chucking things out than Mr S. The not so positive side is there’s so much stuff, and Mr S gets snarky when I chuck his stuff out, even if he hasn’t touched something in years.

Watch this space, the next few weeks/months are going to be rather full ones for us! What with scientific baby making, sticking our house in order, selling said house and buying a new one and finding a job. It looks as if 2017 is going to be rather full!


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