Rubber Ducks and other things

I’ve been home this weekend. First time this year and probably the last time until after the IVF. I’m too scared I’ll leave drugs somewhere by mistake if I travel, which could be disastrous. I’m an organised type so…

It’s been an expensive weekend – Car Service, Car MOT, Car Tyres, Car Insurance. So yeah not too happy. Cars are a pain.

To cheer myself up I went to visit my very first friend ever this afternoon. We made friends in Meithrin (playschool for the non-Welsh) when we were three. And now that we’re in our thirties we’re still friends. I’m godmother to her children who are three and four, and hilarious. I gave them their Christmas presents today and Princess Elsa’s (her current three year old obsession) birthday present. Princess Elsa has a thing for rubber ducks. So being a good godmother I bought her a family of yellow rubber ducks for Christmas. *Gasp* “Look Mami Ducks.” This baffles me but successful presents! She was also impressed with her “windup box” – a pretty little jewellery box with a cat playing the guitar twirling on a musical flower. Three year olds are so easily impressed.

Mr S kept being dragged off by her brother to look at little cars. It was hilarious. Every time he sat down. “Come on, come on come and see.” I love these kids they’re so funny.

via Daily Prompt: Yellow


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