So with the drug sniffing (my mother has informed me that medication sounds better than drugs – I think all my talk of drugs may be starting to freak her out slightly) starting tomorrow the stress levels in our household have gone through the roof. I’ve been off work for two days with a cold\sore throat and the husband has gone and slept funny and is holding his head at a funny angle as a result. He’s in a huge amount of pain if he twists his head a certain way and couldn’t even lie down when he got home. So we are not happy people at the moment. Neither is our sheep. Who has spent the evening being microwaved and sitting on the back of the husbands neck. (For those of you who are appalled by this – our sheep is a heat pack soft toy.)

As I’ve felt a bit better today I’ve started sorting the study. This, this is the petrifying bit. I’ve shredded two whole recycling bags of paper. And am not even close to done. I’m so glad my mother, sister and brother in law (to be) are coming to help on Saturday. ‘Many hands make light work’ after all. At least theoretically. In this case I’m not convinced. And tomorrow I’ll be back in work, prolonging the torture of sorting the study. After all the only person who can help sort paperwork is Mr S and he has Open University deadlines. So just me. This makes it even more torturous somehow.

On the plus side there are crumpets. Hot buttery crumpets, with peanut butter. Which reminds me. We found this in Aldi the other day… I was so impressed! I mean it’s nearly as big as the plate! 

On the other plus side our shower now works. After intervention from a plumber AND an electrician. But it works. And thank goodness for that! 


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