Day 21 or Day 1 depending

Today is the 21st day of my cycle. And the first day using the nasal spray which is meant to cause Down Regulation. That is the mini menopause. Woohoo lucky me. In a couple weeks there’s a scan and if everything is as it should be I’ll start injecting as well as sniffing. This drugs regime could get old so very fast. Just saying.

On top of all this we’ll be moving house in the very near future. The study or what I shall now call the Room of Requirements (as suggested by Emmy – Misadventurous Mummy in a comment on an earlier blog) is full to bursting, as we keep everything and then some in there. So I’ve started sorting. My problem is Mr S. I love my husband dearly, but good grief he’s a hoarder. He has the majority of the Millennium Stamp collection from the Royal Mail, among a bunch of other childhood paraffanelia. He only has it here as his mum didn’t want the clutter (I really don’t blame her the boy keeps everything.) 

The thing is we got a lot of this stuff well over a year ago, do you think he’s looked through it once? The answer is no by the way. However,  we have to keep it as his mum would apparently be hurt if we got rid of them as they were expensive. The thing is the millennium was 17 years ago, Mr S would have been 13 at the time. And as far as I can see he’s barely glanced at them since. I just don’t get it. 

Pictures, letters, cards and diaries I can see the point of. But stamps? And a papier mache plate? This baffles me. The problem is how can I sort anything if I have to keep everything? It bothers me that I end up throwing more of my stuff out to make room for Mr S to keep everything. Especially as he has no real use or need for them. 

I think that spray has started to kick in as I ended up crying my eyes out over this. And it’s only Day 1…


6 thoughts on “Day 21 or Day 1 depending

  1. Okay, I am the hoarder in my relationship. Sorry on behalf of hoarders everywhere! There are things I haven’t looked at in YEARS because they’re sentimental items; I look at them every five years or so and if I can’t remember why I kept it, it goes in the bin. Otherwise it goes in the attic for another five years. Obviously over time the pile stays more or less the same size because I’m constantly adding to it… If you don’t have an attic I can see how that would suck!

    Is there any way you can put it in boxes or a chest or something and hide it somewhere? If he’s not looking at it regularly there’s no reason it should be in a room. Maybe under a bed or on an awkward-to-reach shelf or in an unused closet? It drives Scrubs MENTAL to deal with my piles of sentimentality so I know you must be feeling frustrated!

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