Order from chaos

Well sort of. With the family to help out we’ve moved quite a lot of furniture out of the house today. Well when I say quite a lot I mean the humongous desk in the  study, our wardrobe and several bookcases. It’s amazing how much bigger our little house looks.

My Mum, baby sister and brother-in-law to be came yesterday and we prepared. Taking things down moving them about and so on. By the time my brother and his girlfriend came to collect them in a pick up and trailer today we were mostly ready.

The husband had to flee to our local library to get some work done. He has a deadline tomorrow. And despite severe disruption to his weekend is very nearly there. I may even get to spend an evening with him sometime soon.

While there is still a lot of chaos. It seems so much more manageable now. And while I’m absolutely certain it won’t be perfect by the time the Estate Agents come to value the house next weekend at least we’ll be getting closer to having a civilised looking home.

I think the weekend has gone surprisingly well considering that I’m sniffing drugs and the hormones are starting to act funny. I’ve been freezing and boiling alternately. Not to mention the insomnia. Though to be fair I’m not certain that this can be blamed on the drugs. This happens every now and again anyhow. I have phases. My temper is also shorter, and I’m making an effort in this regards as well. However no real arguing, lots of teasing and plenty of food really helped. Many hands make light work is indeed truth.

Just in case the family ever come across this blog. Doubtful, but you never know. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

P.S. The problem with getting rid of the wardrobe is this…


I have (amazingly enough) managed to put away, vaccum pack, put to one side for charity all of this and we will be able to sleep in our bed this evening. I’m ridiculously pleased about this.


2 thoughts on “Order from chaos

  1. Well done! I was about to comment on your bed pile that that’s what my bed looks like EVERY TIME I GET HOME, so you’re doing well for that to be a once-off thing. I’m living between two places at the moment so every time I get back to home base, I unpack a mountain of clothes onto my bed. I hate it. I can’t wait to be in one place again.

    I hope the mood swings calm down. I honestly can’t help but resent guys whenever I get a truly brutal mood swing due to hormones. There is no way it is fair that they don’t deal with this! Chin up! Hopefully it will stabilise after a while!

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