Patience and Procrastination

So Mr S, wonderful as he is, is currently sorely trying my patience. We have a lot to do. I mean loads. And I’m sorely pressed to get him to do the dishes, let alone sort any stuff out. When he’s got a deadline imminent this isn’t so bad, however his paper is in and his next one isn’t due until the 22nd so half an hour in the evening would be nice. Just to stop me from having to run downstairs every two minutes to ask him about the latest weird thing that I’ve found. This for example is apparently a hat…

An Afghan Hat apparently…

What’s really driving me up the wall is the fact that when Mr S procrastinates, I get stubborn. After all why should I sort everything out if Mr S can’t even put his phone down for long enough to do anything useful? There are times when I really hate the internet, and particularly smart phones… I swear he has some kind of addiction. 

The worst thing is he agrees to put time in, “of course I’m going to help!” But if I ask about said help he gets grumpy. He says he doesn’t know why he’s grumpy, he’s just tired and stressed. Well guess what my waking hours are exactly the same as his, I’m going through the “mini menopause” and I seem to be sorting through an entire house worth of stuff by myself.

As a consequence of this I’ve barely spent half an hour sorting through stuff this evening, which gives me two evenings on the trot of doing nothing. Last night I went to bed more or less immediately as I was shivering I was so cold. So myself and my microwaved owl went to bed to warm up. It still took hours but worked eventually. Hormones or a cold, or both? I woke up this morning with three cold sores as well, which has not improved my mood. (By the way IVF people does anyone know whether I’m allowed cold sore cream while on Synarel, or cold remedies in general really?)

On the positive side, my husband did cook, Venison burgers – really tasty. We explored our local, brand new Waitrose. Far too small, and far too expensive if you ask me – but seeing my husband decide what to get for dinner without any input was an interesting (read hilarious) experience. We were in the shop for half an hour and came out with seven or eight items. The chocolate twist pastry was awesome (and only 39p as it was evening). But still considering it’s only a tiny shop half an hour was impressive. 

Another positive is that I mostly cleared a corner of our bedroom in that half hour. That corner was full of really random luggage from the bottom of our wardrobe, and various other places. We seem to have hideous amounts or Mr S does anyway. Currently I’ve packed them up inside each other as much as possible and stuffed them in the Room of Requirements. Not helpful for that room I admit, but it’s helpful for my bedroom. I think another load is just going to have to go to the parents. Poor things. The luggage for definite, and the array of hangers that are now no longer on clothes. Oh well, I’ll get there eventually, probably, maybe…


2 thoughts on “Patience and Procrastination

  1. You will. You’ll get there! Moving and packing is always stressful, AND you’re huffing hormones. Give yourselves a break! You’re being way too hard on yourselves!

    It’s always hard when you’re in a tough spot and you’re both getting tetchy about the same thing for different reasons. Unfortunately unless you have a Mary Poppins suitcase among all the ones you have stocked up there, there’s nothing for it. The clearout has to be done. Is there any way it can be made more fun? Snacks and good music maybe?

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