Moving house

So my husband warned me that moving house is stressful. He should know he’s done it loads of times. The wonders of being a military brat. I’ve moved house a total of four times in my life. All of which have happened since I reached the age of 22. And all of which were between rentals, furnished rentals, until I moved here, where my husband had already bought the house. So moving wasn’t such a big deal – I moved when I went to do my MA, I moved when I got a job, then moved closer to said job six months later. I then stayed put for four years until I moved here, where I got a job then moved up a few months before we were married.

The problem with this move, besides the having to get organised thing, and making the house look like humans live here thing – is the having to find a new job. This, this is what I find stressful. The fact that we’re moving house and I don’t have a job lined up first. I don’t like it. It messes with my mind. Especially as I’m fairly certain I’m going to need a job to allow us to get a mortgage. Which makes moving house even more stressful. Of course, as my husband says we should make a nice profit on this house and if a mortgage is being difficult we can rent for a year and get to know the area a bit better before we settle there. If we decide to settle there at all.

I hate job applications with a passion.I’m just not good at them. I’ve read all about how to fill the damn forms in correctly but when push comes to shove half the time I don’t have examples of how I’ve done things, this doesn’t mean I can’t. I’ve given up reading actual job descriptions until I’ve read the actual person specification for the simple reason that I can go through the whole description going “yes, yes I can do that and that, and in fact this is a job I could do easily” and then when I get to the specification it goes you need a hundred years of experience in something I have no experience in. It’s so annoying.

Also admin jobs, people seem to think you need actual administrative experience to do these jobs. I’m a Librarian for goodness sake, there is no job more admin heavy in the world. And yet this apparently means I have no administrative experience. It’s so frustrating. I feel that I’ve thrown away my Masters over the past couple of years, I left a business library job that I hated but was to be fair a good job and temped for a couple of months, worked on a video database for a few months, worked in a School Library for a year (abysmal pay and terrible teens) and am currently working as a Records Clerk. So I feel as if I’ve destroyed my career and in the meantime anyone who looks at my CV isn’t going to think I stay around for the long term. I’ve not stayed in a job for more than a year since moving to England in 2014. Before that I was in the same job for nearly five years.

So I’m panicking slightly about my chances. University Libraries won’t look at me because I have no Academic Library experience, Public Libraries are barely taking any staff on these days as opposed to Library Assistants which I’m far too overqualified to do. And even then the pay is abysmal. And everything else wants actual experience in that particular thing. So my hopes at the moment are pretty low.

However this may just be the hormones talking, so please feel free to ignore me.


3 thoughts on “Moving house

  1. I’m currently in the process of moving house (if our mortgage ever gets approved, turns out HSBC’s 1 day mortgage approval is more like 1 week and counting..) for this move and last move we needed to provide 3 months payslips so it’s worth keep that in mind- just my experience. If renting is option though then i’m sure that’ll be fine. Like ‘probableman’ says – it’s all a numbers game! Wishing you all the best!


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