The Blogger Recognition Award

blogger-recognitionSo having been awarded The Blogger Recognition Award jointly with my husband over at Lost Astronomer I now have to figure out what to do with it. Also many thanks to Quinn from When Do I get the Manual for giving us the award in the first place.

It’s rather nice to have some recognition, though I suppose that’s the point. But getting some recognition right now is especially nice. Things are to put it mildly stressful in our household at the moment. My top tip to anyone at the moment is this. Do not under any circumstances try to sell your house, pack up all your stuff and all that sort of thing when undergoing IVF. Do not do it. Just don’t. These things do not go well together.

The last week has seen me in tears most evenings, a lot of this has been frustration that getting anything done is taking so long. Especially as Mr S has now resigned his job and is house husbanding for the next few weeks/months. A lot of it has been sheer tiredness. Sleeping seems to be a memory. I do sleep, but fitfully and I get some funny dreams. So I’m tired, hormonal (or not hormonal enough I suppose considering the current drugs) and just annoyed at the world. Yes Poor Mr S – I mean really poor Mr S.

My state of downright panic was not helped on Thursday by my loving husband phoning me up at work to say we had a viewing Friday afternoon. Cue panic – I couldn’t do anything I was in work all day. Mr S said not to worry he’d sort everything. By the time I got home he’d cleaned the bathroom ceiling. That’s it. The Bathroom ceiling. And yes it definitely needed doing. But there is so much more that needed doing. So home from work and started flapping around the place trying to get stuff done. Except I’m so stressed my brain stopped working and I ended up in floods of tears instead.

Friday, Friday Mr S really redeemed himself. While I was in work he tidied and cleaned the house before the viewers came – he performed a near miracle, I just wish he could have done it sooner. We were also told that more people were coming to view the house on Saturday morning. Which considering that they haven’t taken any pictures of the place yet is baffling me slightly. I mean we haven’t even made it onto their website yet and we’ve had two whole viewings!

So Friday and Saturday were stressful and as a result today I’ve done nothing useful at all. I’ve read or played computer games all day. It’s been downright relaxing. Except I keep feeling as if I should be doing something to prepare the house for photos.But I’m ignoring these urges so I can at least attempt to relax properly. Also my mistakenly sleeping in this morning has really helped. I’m still slightly headachy but that’s it. It’s the best I’ve felt for a fortnight.

Anyhow back to the Blogger Recognition Award. Seven facts all about me…  Well I’m going to do them about us as my husband has chosen not to take part in these Awards out of pure stubbornness.

  1. a) I’m a farmers daughter. Yes, I grew up on a farm and loved every minute. I was ridiculously lucky in this. I had plenty of space to roam and play and was incredibly lucky in my close family. b) Mr S on the other hand is a military brat and went to stupid amounts of schools before he was 11, he also claims that this was a rural upbringing…
  2. a) I have three close friends (that are not my husband). I have been friends with one since Meithrin (that’s nursery to the non-Welsh, the second since my University days (we met on a trip to Russia) and the third during my Masters. They are three very different girls who have all been there for me when I needed them. b) Mr S on the other hand has loads of friends but he has a close group of four friends who date back to Sixth Form (bar one who was apparently introduced to the group during university days and was promptly adopted).
  3. Our Wedding Cake was truly the best wedding cake ever. I’d put a picture up but it has all our details on. I’ll describe it instead. It’s a pile of books. Except not any books but books that we like or made up to suit ourselves. The bottom tome is apparently the airman’s bible (Jane’s), while there were a couple of novels a book that had a title with the name of my Family Farm and myself as the author and a book on astronomy with Mr S as the author. That cake was truly awesome.
  4. Following on from our awesome cake is the fact that we cut said cake with a sword. That’s right a proper run you through sword. Apparently this is an officer thing. Said sword is still hanging on our wall.
  5. This fact is purely about my husband. He has a weird habit of eating Jelly Cubes. That is, straight out of the packet raw. I’ve recently found out that this is something my mother used to do when she was younger. This is truly disturbing.
  6. I’m a huge tea drinker. Although recently in a bid to be more IVF friendly I’ve taken to decaf. It’s not bad but it’s not the same as a proper cup of tea. I’ve been accused of unduly influencing other people to drink tea. Apparently my baby sister becomes a real tea pot when I’m around. I don’t see why I get the blame, Mt S should jointly take the blame I think he’s just as bad and doesn’t even attempt to drink decaf…
  7. I don’t do horror films. I refuse point blank. Also sad things. Although I’m not so completely opposed to those. I’ll just refuse to watch them again. I’m usually the same with books but I’m reading one at the moment which is really creeping me out, to be fair the title “The Book of Human Skin” should have warned me. The thing is I really want to know what happens now…

Apparently I also need to pass this award along. So blogs I’ve enjoyed/appreciated…

Unbalanced Woman

Old House in the Shires

Craft and Other Crazy Plans

Baby wanted! An IVF journey

And, I’m going to pass it back to Quinn as I really enjoy her blog. However, not to worry I won’t expect you to blog about it again.

There are loads of other people that deserve a worthy mention but I’m tired and this is already a crazy long blog. I apologise to anyone who’s made it to here for its length. I was obviously feeling talkative today and didn’t realise it.





3 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award

    • Oh ps don’t stress about the photos you can move any mess from room to room and superficial photo loveliness is a LOT easier than accrual viewing levels of cleanliness and organisation!


  1. Oh wow. Thank you. I didn’t realise you added me, but luckily I always read your posts right to the end, and there I was. Very flattered. Thank you.
    I’ve already done this a while ago but before I moved to my new site. I don’t think I copied it over. I’ll have a look…


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