Day 40 – Down Regulation

This morning I had my Down Regulation appointment. This consisted of yet another internal scan. And being taught how to use the pen that holds my next lot of drugs. Somehow I get the feeling that sticking a needle in me is a whole lot different to sticking a needle into the little pad thing though!

On a side note am I the only one who thinks getting half undressed when the nurse is out of the room and putting a modesty sheet on is a complete waste of time? Considering said nurse is about to stick a condom on a wand and shove it between your legs? Just saying…

So apparently my lining is nice and thin and both ovaries are nice and quiet. (Although apparently I have some kind of cyst nobody has ever mentioned before adjacent to the right one. A paraovarian cyst apparently – according to some Google research – I thought she said it was a parrot cyst but as that only brings up information about bird cysts I think I must have misheard.) And so tomorrow I go down to one sniff morning and evening, and on Thursday evening I get to start injecting myself.

Things are really starting to move now, I get two appointments next week to check that everything is doing as it should and if so I get my eggs collected the week after. Where I imagine they have a teeny tiny blender to mix the sperm of Mr S and my eggs together. OK, I don’t really think this, I understand that it’s actually a complex scientific process. But I still imagine the teeny tiny blender. Don’t judge me.

After that depending on how well said blending goes I get a fetus stuck back in on the end of a catheter. This is the bit I’m really not looking forwards to. Egg collection I’ll be asleep and therefore not aware of any pain. But my one experience of a catheter, during the HyCoSy scan I had a few months back has made me nervous of the whole process. I mean really nervous. It was really quite painful, and they tried three or four different types of catheter. On the plus side my husband will be allowed to hold my hand this time. For the HyCoSy he wasn’t even allowed in the room. I was unimpressed.


12 thoughts on “Day 40 – Down Regulation

  1. The parrot cyst made me laugh but the whole sticking yourself with a needle thing made me cringe so hard I almost turned inside out. That sounds extremely unpleasant and I’m not even afraid of needles. I donate blood (or at least try) often, I’ve given plenty of blood samples, but there’s something about having to do it yourself that I just can’t get my head around…

    Could Lost Astronomer do it for you instead?

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    • He could, but as he’s nervous of needles I’m concerned he’ll pass out or something leaving me with a needle sticking out of me, and a Lost Astronomer to bring round!

      My theory is people with diabetes have to do it every day. It can’t be that difficult surely… Or at least this is what I’m trying to convince myself of…

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      • He can definitely suck it up – you’re the one who has to get pricked! The least he can do is do it for you! Although it wouldn’t be great if you then had to look after him… I don’t know how diabetics do it!


  2. Are your injections in the stomach? Or thigh? They really aren’t too bad as the needles tend to be tiny! If you have to do Progesterone In Oil (PIO) shots, it’s a bit of a different story as those are intramuscular and much bigger lol. I do them with every cycle though and you really do get used to it.

    Also, there is really nothing to worry about with regards to transfer day, especially in comparison to any of the pre-cycle tests that involve a catheter! It doesn’t hurt any more than the speculum being uncomfortable. I’ve heard retrieval day is more difficult but I’ve never been through it myself though as we went straight to donor eggs.

    Good luck with it all!!

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  3. Hahaha the condom on the wand and the modesty sheet is so true!! My latest scan was made all the more uncomfortable by finding out during obligatory small talk that the nurse had been on a trip with the company I work for a few days earlier. How awkward would that have been!? 😂


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