I’ve been trying to explain to the husband the difference between a good film – as in well acted, well directed etc and an enjoyable film. We watched Atonement last night and while I appreciate it was a “good” film I hated it. Nothing good happened in that film. *spoiler alert* A child was molested, another child blamed the wrong guy out of jealously and a vivid imagination, that man then went to jail, subsequently breaking big sisters heart, he was let out to be a soldier in WWII, saw big sister briefly (who had subsequent to the accusation abandoned her family and become a nurse) before heading to Europe where he then died. Big sister also died during the war. Little sister who witnessed the assault and accused the wrong man, grew up, became a nurse during the war, became an author wrote about it when she got old and was sorry, if a bit too late.*End of spoiler alert.* 

Personally I like happy films, I’ve never seen the point in watching films that are horrible or just make you sad. A film is meant to be an escape, not something that makes you feel bad. Or at least that’s why I watch films. I nearly walked out a number of times during that film but the husband kept stopping me because he likes it. Though why that should be a consideration I don’t know. He point blank refuses to watch the Twilight series with me. I pointed this out last night. And he came back with a series of rather flawed arguments.

Mainly “but it’s well directed and acted and Kira Knightly.” He has a thing for Kira Knightly. And get this “it’s far more relatable than Twilight.” Me “How on earth is it relatable?” “The being in love bit.” “Umm… still doesn’t make it relatable.” Anyway, it’s not the kind of romance I’d know anything about thankfully. I find Bella and her awkwardness and loving someone she thinks doesn’t love her back infinitely more relatable. That I know something about. The fact that said boy is a vampire is neither here nor there, she still had her heart broken by the one she later ends up marrying. So far, so familiar.

Yes Twilight is not a “good” film, but I really enjoyed the series for the most part. 

And there are loads of good, enjoyable films out there. The majority of Disney and the like for starts. I can’t wait to see Beauty and the Beast I hope they’ve not messed with it too much just for the sake of it. The trailers look awesome. I love Little Women, most Westerns (not the Searchers another good but horrible film) and musicals. I enjoy a good romcom and comedies in general. I can deal with thrillers for the most part if everything turns out OK, and they’re not too scary. Horrors are a no way definitely not in my world. Fantasy can be truly awesome. Though The Lord of the Rings is a tad long (and they left out Tom Bombadil who I love) and I downright refuse to buy the last Hobbit film I thought it was so awful, a real example of making a trilogy for the sake of money!


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  1. I remember being SO ANGRY when the credits rolled for Atonement. I went to see it with my brother (who is a big time film fan) and I was just… crying my eyes out and like, “WHY?? WHY?? WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT?? WHY DIDN’T THEY LEAVE IT AT THE FAKE ENDING?” I wouldn’t say it’s relatable exactly, but I did think it was realistic. Life is horrible sometimes. Now that I’ve had some time apart from the traumatising experience of watching it, I can look back and say that it really was a great movie, there were two good things in it – Keira Knightley’s unbelievable green dress and James McEvoy, who I think is a babe – and I probably would not watch it again because I don’t find getting my heart broken makes for the best entertainment.

    Then again, I definitely didn’t enjoy the Twilight films and I actually do sometimes choose to watch sad movies just for the emotional release, so…

    On the whole, I definitely prefer happy endings, and I’ve a soft spot for decent romantic comedies. Like, I thought The Duff was immensely entertaining despite my tragically low expectations going into it, and Penelope totally charmed me (James McEvoy again. That scene at the end…) and I could watch When Harry Met Sally over and over again because I just think the script is so tight. I think my brother has influenced me a bit in that I’m more likely to go watch “well-respected” films because I know more about them now, but having said that I STILL have not watched Schindler’s List or The Revenant because they just look so damn grim.


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    • I can see that it’s a great film. It’s just not a nice film. The dress really is awesome, unfortunately I’m far too busty to ever be able to wear a backless dress.

      I tend to think if I want grimness I can watch the news, read a factual book etc. Which I do regularly (well the news – I don’t read nearly enough non-fiction really.)

      For cinema we do tend to stick to well respected films. It’s too expensive to go see just anything. I just want happy or at least not tragic films.

      Twilight is definitely not good and while I like it it’s not a favourite – it’s just a brilliant example as Lost Astronomer refuses to watch it with me! Apparently he saw the first one once…

      I keep thinking I should watch Schindler’s List I just know it’ll break my heart. One day…

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      • Yes! We should form a club: The TBFB Club. Too Busty For Backless! I’m actually watching Shame at the moment. Never seen it before so not sure what I’ve let myself in for….

        FWIW I also have a film Scrubs refuses to see with me; The King’s Speech. INEXPLICABLE! How can anyone take against Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter in a classic but fairly harmless underdog tale?

        Yet here we are.

        One day Astroboy WILL watch Twilight and Scrubs WILL watch The King’s Speech. It’s inevitable.


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