Scan and Blood Test

So today started off relatively well, I was in a fairly good mood – laughing and joking in the car with my husband and with the lovely nurse in the clinic. Rare for me at the moment. These drugs are so not good for me. We even made it to the Clinic on time today – not half an hour late like last week (thank you Oxford traffic).

Then I had my scan – apparently I may or may not have a polyp. It may or may not be just a fold in the womb as well. They’re not sure but have decided to “monitor the situation” with the scan I have on Friday morning. I know that it’s probably nothing nasty but it may or may not stop everything. Or half stop it anyhow. According to the nurse worse case scenario is that they do the egg collection and freeze some embryos to continue with later. I then go on a Waiting List to get said polyp removed. Simple. Except it’s a 6 month wait at Oxford and we’re probably going to have moved before said six months is up so I’d have to start on a new waiting list so possibly another 6 months. And I’m assuming that the Embryo transfer procedure would then have to be paid for as opposed to being funded like it would be if it happened next week.

Of course as the nurse said this is worse case scenario and everything may go ahead next week as originally intended. I’m just being a big pessimist about the whole thing. It’s probably a good thing I’ve been in the basement (the archive/library/document store I work in is in a labyrinth of a basement in Oxford) by myself all morning as it’s given me a chance to have a good cry before getting on with my work. And I feel a bit better for it. Not much as I don’t really know what’s going to happen, and probably won’t until the egg collection when a final decision will be made.

I also had a blood test today to check my hormone levels. That was interesting. While my husband was hiding behind his Kindle (he has a needle thing) the nurse spent a while trying to decide which arm to go for and having finally decided got a miniscule amount out. I mean it was tiny. She had to actually go check with the bloods person whether there was enough drips for her to do anything with. Thankfully the answer was yes. Otherwise I’d have ended up with holes all over my arm. I have experience of this… I blame my mother. I’ve inherited her awful veins. The worst thing was that I managed to cut my finger later on and I bled more from my finger than a needle could get from my arm (really dry hands from handling lots of paper all day every day)! Seriously that’s ridiculous. I can’t even see the cut now it was so small.

On the plus side I’ve booked the whole of next week off for egg collection and possible/doubtful embryo transfer. So if they decide not to go ahead with the transfer I think we’ll just go to my parents for a few days to be honest. I’d love to go on holiday but that’s a bit of a stretch of the budget as we’re going to be selling/buying a house in the next few months. So watch this space really.


6 thoughts on “Scan and Blood Test

  1. Hmmm…. Hopefully it all turns out to be nothing. It’s very stressful, this IVF journey! Could the budget stretch to even a weekend away for the two of you? Might be nice to just take a Time Out…

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