No book buying going surprisingly well

Books are the one thing bar the obvious water, food, oxygen and the like I cannot cope without. So the fact that I’m into my second month of not buying any books, even Kindle books is impressive. Also a huge money saver.

I’m an avid reader, I will spend a part of every day reading. Hours of most days in fact. So I’m getting a bit panicky about the lack of reading material in the house. We only have two bookcases left. The rest of our books are currently at my parents.

The problem is that the books we have left are all ones I’ve read before. Numerous times. And to be honest every now and again I just want a new story. I don’t count the bookcase upstairs as they’re mostly war books. I mean now and again yes ok but as a general rule fiction all the way.

So how am I dealing with this terrible madness that is no book buying? Well first there is the fact that I’ve taken to reading blogs. This helps keep me entertained – but not for hours like a good novel does.

Then there is the Gutenberg Project. If you haven’t heard of it it’s a project where you can get your hands on over 50000 eBooks in a variety of languages for FREE. Personally I use it for the classics. But there’s a huge variety there. This isn’t the first time I’ve turned to the Gutenberg Project for books I’ve used it before. It’s one of those things that you go back to every now and again. But you don’t always feel like a classic.

img_20170304_142807942So there is the local library. Which I’ve not really used as much as I should considering. I just like to own books. There’s something very comforting about books everywhere. But now there is no choice. I cannot and will not let the husband beat me at this. So I’m now using the library a lot. I brought 8 books home with me yesterday. My Library strategy is to go for random covers that I like the look of. Mostly because time. I ran into the library on my way to the bus yesterday evening. I needed new books and came out with eight books. Mostly historical fiction I think. But haven’t examined them closely yet. Although I started Belgravia on the bus. Napoleonic. The first few chapters seemed enjoyable. We’ll see.





4 thoughts on “No book buying going surprisingly well

  1. I love books too! My problem is I have too many and not enough time to read them all! I have loads of half finished books sitting around the house! I have to dedicate some time to reading. The Guttenberg Project sounds great, thanks for the tip.

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