Egg Collection

Waiting for egg collection – please note my stylish gown and socks

So today was Egg Collection Day. We arrived at the fertility clinic at about 7:30. Got given a room and a fetching hospital gown and everything started. Husband got taken away to do his thing. There was paperwork. I had to repeat my full name and date of birth to everybody in the world. Even through a window when I was in the procedure room. Then I got sedated by some chap who thought I was from Northern Ireland!? Half an hour later I got taken back to the husband. More groggy than I was before and with some pelvic pain but not too bad. I got given a cup of tea and some biscuits and got told to go for a wee (which I only pretended to do as I didn’t need to wee). They then let me go home. It’s now 10:20. So all done and dusted and home again in less than three hours.
What happens next?

  • We get a phone call tomorrow to let us know how many of my 10 eggs have fertilised. (On a side note the average is apparently 7-10 so 10 is at the high end and a good number – So Yay!)
  • Thursday is Day 3 where they phone us up again and tell us when embryos (if there are any) get transferred. (This is still up in the air as when I asked if polyp was going to be a problem everybody looked baffled, which worries me a bit.) Apparently if egg transfer happens Thursday they put in 3.
  • If egg transfer doesn’t happen Thursday and polyp doesn’t cause issues egg transfer will happen Saturday.

It’s all a case of wait and see. However the ball is obviously rolling now. Both terrifying and exciting at the same time.


9 thoughts on “Egg Collection

  1. Yay! I hope that’s you in that photo because those socks are unreal and you need to tell me where I can buy them..

    I’m so excited for you! Also WEE! Even if you don’t need to. It’s so you don’t get a UTI!

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