50% attrition rate

So yesterday we had 10 eggs today we have 5. That’s 50% gone in 24 hours. I’m a bit scared of what Thursdays phone call will bring. 

I’m recovering quite well I think. Though Mr Astronomer seems to think I’m as angry as a hibernating bear. Which I think is a bit of a cheek. I shall find a bear and prove it to him.

The pain in my ovaries has gone down considerably and I’ve had a bit of cabin fever so we went for a short walk after which I was utterly shattered and napped for an hour. I never nap during the day. Ever. So this was weird. I theorise that there’s still anasthetic in my system and the fresh air made it worse. Well the paperwork says it’s still there as no driving or cooking or knives for 48 hours. One nurse tried to tell my husband it was best if he did everything for 6 weeks really. I cheered her on! 😁

We won’t really find more out until Thursday. So all fingers and toes crossed that at least some of the 5 will make it to transfer.


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