Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise

This is my current status after an embryo transfer this morning with the same doctor as collected the eggs on Monday. It was far less painful than Monday and required zero sedation so yay. It also took way less time – we were in and out in half an hour.

It was quite cool if rather uncomfortable to see embryo and liquid stuff gush out of catheter on the ultrasound. Now we’re in the wait and see stage.. we got given a packet containing a pregnancy test and instructions to use on the 22nd when we’ll find out if the initial stage at least has worked. 

Although I keep reminding myself that even if I am pregnant on the 22nd there’s still a huge possibility it won’t work, I’m still a little bit excited. I’m trying to suppress it though. Being excited is not a good thing at this stage.

In other news (sort of) – of the five fertilised eggs two made it to blastocyst stage so one is inside me and the other one is hanging around in a freezer until wanted. They’re growing the other three until tomorrow to see if they also reach freezable quality. We’ll see. Two is a good start though. Fingers crossed.

To celebrate this stage we are now sat in a Beefeater (it’s a chain steak resteraunt not a Tower of London guard) and having lunch.


6 thoughts on “Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise

  1. I went ‘WOOOO!’ and then read onto where you said not to get excited and continued “…OOOOooo..oh.’ So I’ll be excitedly not excited for you but will keep my fingers crossed!!

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