I’m not a patient person. I can’t help it I’m just not. And now I have to be patient for very nearly a fortnight to find out if the whole torturous thing of IVF worked. Or at least worked up to that point. (OK more like three days at this point but that’s not the point).

I’m distracting myself by the whole going to work thing… More of a problem as I’m meant to be lifting boxes of files about except I’m not allowed to lift anything for the next few weeks. So as I’m currently rearranging about 40 mixed up filing cabinets I’m currently carrying a handful of files at a time back and forth between said filing cabinets and boxes. It sort of works but it takes so much longer. And it’d be so much quicker to carry things. But I’m being good.

I’m still taking drugs – Utrogestan Vaginal Capsules three times a day. The progesterone is not nice. It’s making me stupidly thirsty which means I’m drinking loads, which of course means I’m hurrying to the bathroom all the time. It’s driving me insane. Then there’s the hot flushes, painful breasts, slight nausea… I disagree with progesterone. I’ve decided.

And I’m not even allowed a bath in the evening to relax. So my go to calm of a bath and a book is banned for a fortnight.

Distractions have included reading 4 and a half books, didn’t like the half and don’t think I’ll bother finishing it to be honest. And house hunting. We saw three flats yesterday one I really liked, one my husband loved but I thought was impractical – normal sized rooms and ridiculously high ceilings we’re talking 15foot ceilings here. Heating the place would be impossible. The last one would have been my favourite except the building it was in and the windows didn’t look right, I mean they looked neglected. And as we’d be paying a monthly charge to look after the place I’d want some guarantees that it would be better cared for.

Today we are in Wales to celebrate baby sisters 23rd birthday. Another good distraction. Which I really need at the moment as I’ve been spotting off and on for the past three days. 

I’m fairly certain the IVF has failed and my period is imminent but as the paperwork says I still have to take the test Wednesday bleeding or not as apparently it’s still possible? So I have to wait til Wednesday for certainty. But in my head I’m nearly sure…


4 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Interestingly I’ve been told nothing about no baths or no lifting or anything like that. Progesterone not agreeing with me either – I have horribly itchy palms so have to see the doctor tomorrow to make sure my liver isn’t being affected. Waiting sucks, you’re right. Hang in there x

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