IVF Day 67 – it’s definitely negative

Unfortunately, (or perhaps fortunately considering the amount I’ve bled this week) the pregnancy test I had to wait until today to take is negative. I’ve emailed the fertility clinic and am hoping they’ll get back to me soon telling me I can stop the progesterone suppositories. Because they’re horrible. And there’s no reason for them any more.

I’m not as devastated as I expected to be, to be honest. Although I suspect that this is because I knew it hadn’t worked and was utterly devastated Sunday and Monday instead. Today just confirmed what I already knew.

I’ll go back to work tomorrow because I can’t stay away from work forever. And now that I’ve stopped crying my eyes out every five minutes I can go to work and actually get stuff done. Especially once the progesterone and therefore my stupid headaches are stopped. My brain may actually work for the first time in weeks. Me and hormones do not get on.

Anyway time for some peace and quiet away from the IVF so we can get ready for the next round with the frozen embryos. Also save some money so we can actually do this. And move house. We’re likely to keep busy I think.


12 thoughts on “IVF Day 67 – it’s definitely negative

  1. Sorry to hear your news but well done for the pragmatic viewpoint. Take some time to focus on other things, enjoy spending time together, find a lovely place to live. Good luck with everything in the future xx

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing all of your experiences in your blog- it has really helped whilst I am going through IVF at the moment. I feel bad for you that it hasn’t worked this time and sincerely hope that it works on your next cycle. You seem brave and strong- I am sure it will only be a matter of time.

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