Wedding Dress Safari

Yesterday, my sister, my mum and I went on a wedding dress safari… This is so not my idea of fun. It wasn’t my idea of fun before I got married, and I have discovered that it’s no better now that it’s my sister getting married.

Although I really wish I’d discovered Wed2Be in Bristol before my dress safari. Though to be fair my dress wasn’t there and my dress was truly the best. It was just the way the shop worked. You had rails and rails of dresses from a size 6 to a size 30, you then got to choose 4 dresses at a time to try on in utterly massive changing room. With cubicles so multiple people could try on dresses at once. Yeah you had to wait your turn but there was a comfy sitting area or you could say I’ll come back in an hour after some lunch. My sister probably tried on a dozen dresses and she’s a big girl. I was a 12-14 (so 16-18 in wedding dress sizes) when I got married and sometimes had difficulty finding more than a couple of dresses to try on. My main thing that I liked were that all the girls who worked there were youngsters. And none of them were snooty. They were all ready to help in any way they could. Amazing for a wedding dress shop.

Anyhow as I said this wedding dress shopping thing is a stressful business. Not least because my mum and my sister are so similar in their ways and their ideas about dresses did not collide. My sister found THE dress which my mum for some weird reason hated. “Too shiny” she said. (It’s a satin dress). “It doesn’t suit her.”(I think it did.) “Don’t you want me to be honest?” (Not Really, not now – these are my thoughts by the way) she said. Not to mention “She’s not getting married until December. She may change her mind”. (To be fair that last one is a real concern – my sister is known for being changeable about clothes.)

My sister on the other hand loved it, and was amazed as she’s never liked the idea of a satin dress. However, very sneakily she got the girl that was helping her to get her a veil, a sash and some jewellery and boy what a difference it made. I mean I liked the dress anyway, but the extras made such a difference – she looked complete. And best of all it reconciled my mum to the dress. Thank Goodness. Otherwise life would have been difficult. So we had a successful wedding dress safari, stressful with arguments (and poor me in the middle) but successful.

P.S. I think my dress was better. I may be biased about this. But look at the prettiness…


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