Teaching The Lost Astronomer Welsh: Life Events

So a couple of months ago I tried to put my own infertility issues into perspective, when I found out about my closest friends mum being ill. Last week she died and Thursday we attended her funeral. It was truly horrible to see how upset everyone was. It probably didn’t help that I had no idea what was going on. This is only the third funeral I’ve ever attended. The other two were my grandparents. So I was a bit, should I be here? I’m not family and I didn’t know her that well but I want to support my friend, because friend. Argh. In the end I just went ‘do you want me there?’ which simplified my life quite a lot. Then there was how does a crematorium work? (My grandparents were Chapel and bearied in the graveyard of said Chapel. Huh, So this is what a Catholic funeral is like. The Lord’s Prayer is different. I mean I only vaguely know it in English anyway (I was taught it in Welsh) and the end is slightly different between the different churches by the look of things. Thankfully we were sat in the back so nobody knew how confused I was. Hopefully.

This along with the Wedding Dress Safari and Mothers Day made me realise that the Welsh I’ve been teaching my husband while useful in its way doesn’t really touch on life events. 

From birth to death there are certain things that happen to everyone so I thought maybe I should put these into a blog with some translations. A good reference point for my husband when these things happen, which they inevitably do.

So where to start? With his “genedigaeth” (birth), where he went on to have a “bedydd” (christening) in an “Eglwys” (church). I on the other hand was christened in a “capel” (chapel) – the same one our “priodas” (wedding) was in. And where my sister will be married come December. And where we will probably have our “angladd” (funeral) once we have “wedi marw” (died) one day in the (hopefully) distant future. Where “emynau” (hymns) are sung for all these events. And a “pregethwr” (minister) does the christening, and marrying and burying. 

Then we’ve both had and attended a  “parti penblwydd” (birthday party) and celebrated “Nadolig” (Christmas) and “Pasg” (Easter) with our “teulu” (family). We’ve bought “anrhegion” (presents) and “cardiau” (cards) as the occasion demands and celebrated “Sul y Mamau” (Mothering Sunday) and “Sul y Tadau” Father’s Day. 

There are so many more occasions that could be mentioned but as a start I think this will do.

Is there anything you can think of that I should add to this list?


4 thoughts on “Teaching The Lost Astronomer Welsh: Life Events

  1. Are these words all pronounced the way they’re spelt? I tried saying them out loud but some of those consonants just…. shouldn’t be together. They’re like jackpot scrabble words!

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