All alone

So the Lost Astronomer started his new job with the Civil Service last week. Which is apparently amazing. (To which I say, thank goodness. Especially as we’re in the process of upping sticks and moving to Hampshire. Things would be awkward if he’d hated it.) It’s surprising how much happier he seems already. And he’s only been there a week.

Of course as we’re only in the process of upping sticks and the paperwork has only just started this means I’m still at our old home. Which is fine, during the day when I’m at work. And mostly it’s fine in the evening. It’s just lonely. There’s only so much reading a girl can do. And I don’t want to start packing stuff away until I know that everything is going to go through. I’m scared I’ll jinx it. The other issue is we don’t have a TV which is fine, when my husband is home. Our reasoning is we can watch films on the laptop. Except he has taken the laptop with him for his Open University work. So I can’t watch films. Or actually apply for jobs come to think of it. So I’m not only lonely, I’m bored. Maybe I shall become a criminal mastermind as a result…

The husband is currently staying with his aunt. Who stopped pretending to be fair years ago and now outright says that the Lost Astronomer is the favourite of her nieces and nephews. I get the feeling that despite having all of her four kids home for Easter he’s going to be spoiled rotten over the next few weeks/months. 


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