The last time I went to the cinema was to see LaLaLand which I wasn’t that impressed with: not MGM enough for me! That feels like last year sometime, although I am aware it’s probably only a couple months ago.

And now all of a sudden I’ve spent two Saturday nights in the cinema. Last Saturday my friend and I went to see Beauty and the Beast, and last night me and the husband went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

So I’ll start with Beauty and the Beast. To start with Beauty and the Beast was never a favourite of mine growing up. None of the “princess” Disney films were, really. Though to be fair I did like The Little Mermaid, but the animal Disney films were my favourite. The first “princess” film that I really loved was Mulan but that may just be the tomboy in me coming out. Now to my friend Beauty and the Beast was a major favourite growing up so we had different expectations going in and unsurprisingly different reactions to the film itself.

I personally loved it as far as it went. It was fun and I was impressed with Emma Watson’s singing. My friend who has the luxury of being musical (I’m about as unmusical as it’s possible to be, unfortunately) wasn’t so impressed. The costumes were great, the acting was good. And I loved how the crockery and furniture had been done; it was brilliant. 

The problem with the film to me is the problem I had with it originally. The sorceress punishes the prince for his behaviour by turning him into a Beast but she also turns his human servants into talking crockery and furniture. How is that fair? Yes they were involved in his upbringing and maybe felt they could have done something about the way his father brought him up – the reason Mrs Potts gives. But they were servants, in reality there was nothing they could do. So I see the sorceress as being as bad as the Beast even if she does make all well at the end. 

Now for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. We went to see it because we loved the first one. It’s so much fun. The second one is really more of the same – awesome music and fun! Though there were some bits I found a bit slow, my very favourite bit was Baby Groot. He was truly awesome!

Now for some spoilers. The basic plot is how they save some planet from a multi-toothed monster who was trying to nick some gold people’s expensive batteries. Which they do. Except Rocket decides to nick them himself. Cue space chase through the galaxy with a crash landing on another planet. Where Peter Quinn’s father turns up and takes Quinn, Glamora and Drax to his world. Where we find out that Quinn is half a celestial. There are some major issues with Ego (a name that truly suits the chap) where it turns out he’s not good father material and in fact only wants somebody else to help him take over the galaxy as he’s not strong enough alone. We also find out he put the tumour in Quinn’s mother so yeah drama, drama, drama. Anyhow to cut a long story short the Guardians of the Galaxy helped by the blue dude with the whistle controlled arrow save Quinn from his father, take Ego out and save everyone. Oh and throughout the golden people are after them due to stolen batteries. Looks like that will continue in the next installment as well. They are not impressed.

Anyhow I enjoyed both my cinema trips though the cinema is truly getting ridiculously expensive. I wonder if it would be cheaper to set up a home cinema and just buy the DVD in the long run? Something to think about. Plus much comfier seats!


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