Teaching the Lost Astronomer Welsh: Family

So I’m very close to my teulu (family) and as a result the gwr (husband) and I spend a lot of time traveling back and forth to Wales. Two and a half hours from our current cartref (home) and probably at least three and a half from our next one. However it’s worth it to spend time with the rhieni (parents) and the brawd (brother) and chwaer (sister).

We went there this weekend as it was my Mum’s penblwydd (birthday) last week. And went out for bwyd (food) to celebrate yesterday evening. Yesterday I spent the day with the sister, the brother and the brawd yng nghyfraith (brother in law) to be. I abandoned the Lost Astronomer at my parents he had coursework and has deadlines coming up this week. So I got out of his hair and enjoyed myself.

I’m lucky not only are we a close family in the family unit sense but also in the wider sense. Despite the death of my Mamgu (Grandmother) a couple of years ago we still see a lot of the cousins. And their plant (children). It’s great. My parents farm is still in some sense HQ. I grew up with the grandparents as cymdogion (neighbours) which obviously made the difference especially as both my ewyrthion (uncles) would have viewed it as home as well.

I’m luckier in that the Lost Astronomer seems to fit right in. As does the Brother in Law to be. So the baby sister is lucky as well. One day if the IVF works or as some people would have it nature just decides to not be stubborn any more I’d like a family like that. I’d love to be my grandmother when I grow up. The matriarch of an amazing family like mine. With my bestest best friend (the Lost Astronomer) besides me we might even manage it. You never know.

*Bestest Best Friend is a saying which I’m happy to blame completely on the baby sister from when she was a tot and used it on each of the cousins separately. Until they teased her and teased her “but I thought you were my bestest best friend not his” she was disgusted – still is come to think of it nearly 20 years later.


8 thoughts on “Teaching the Lost Astronomer Welsh: Family

  1. My baffled face trying to pronounce some of those words out loud was probably worthy of a photograph or two… Is there a sound that goes between the consonants? I don’t understand!

    I hope you get to be the Granny Matriarch of your dreams! I also had a granny (Yaya) like that and she was formidable, just wanted her family surrounding her, well-fed and happy. It’s a lovely thing to aspire to.

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    • I’m thinking once I’ve managed to wrestle back my laptop from the Lost Astronomer (he’s stolen it for coursework as his has died) I might try and do a dictionary of the words I put in my blogs and add sound somehow. Get the feeling that this would be more complex than my phone can deal with…

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