One of those days…


I knew today was going to be annoying as soon as I stepped out of my front door this morning. The reason for this was that just as the door closed I realised that my keys were inside. This is never a good sign. What’s worse the Lost Astronomer is in Portsmouth and when not in work up to his ears in Maths (why maths is beyond me – thankfully I am not studying it so it’s ok.)

So here am I in Follytown with the Lost Astronomer miles away and no way to get into my house. I decided to get on with the rest of my day, phoning the Lost Astronomer to inform him that his darling wife needed rescuing again (I lock myself out of the house on a semi-regular basis).

At 7:45 this morning his plan was to come let me in by the time I got home. By 3pm he remembered about the Estate Agents who are selling our house. And suggested I phoned them up to get their key. Which I did.

I ran away from work early, in order to catch a nice early bus so I could get my key. And that would’ve been that if only there hadn’t been an accident blocking one of the main roads into Oxford. So my early bus was caught about ten minutes earlier than my usual one. And was packed with 3 buses worth of people (well a bus and a half as another bus turned up at the same time). After all the waiting I was finally on my way home. Except the Estate Agents close at 5:30 and I didn’t get back to Follytown until 6:30. Thankfully they’d agreed to leave my house key at the pub next door otherwise the Lost Astronomer would have had to come to my rescue. Course work or no course work and I’d have been sat on the pavement waiting for the best part of two hours.

Fingers Crossed my brain will kick in and this won’t happen again soon!


2 thoughts on “One of those days…

  1. Hahaha I HATE that stomach-dropping feeling when I close the door and realise I’ve left the keys inside. I just go cold all over. I hate it so much that I’ve started doing this weird thing where I touch my key almost obsessively while I close the door so that I KNOW I have it.

    And even then I sometimes wonder if I have it and have to take it out of my pocket to make sure. Seriously the paranoia is real.

    Glad you got back in, even if it did involve some less fun adventures…

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    • I may try your weird obsessiveness as I usually only manage to do this when the husband is away which makes it even more awkward…

      I have before now had the neighbour jump the fence stick his arm through the window and open the back door. Sadly this only works in summer when the window is actually open!


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