Teaching The Lost Astronomer Welsh: Animals

As a farm girl animals have been a big part of my life and as we spend much time visiting the farm anifeiliaid (animals) are nice easy things to teach. I’m not very original and find it better if the Lost Astronomer points at something and I tell him the word.

So down on the farm we have cwn (dogs), and cathod (cats) roaming about the farmyard. We have da (cattle) and defaid (sheep) walking around the fields. We have predators like the cadno (fox) and the barcud coch (red kite) wherever they feel like really we don’t have the control when it comes to them. 

Of course as with all languages Welsh is very regional and da (cattle) seems to be particularly regional to us. So much so that one of our Welsh teachers took my brother to task for the use of the word. Now me I’d have given in, while still being convinced I was right. My baby brother on the other hand kept debating until the Welsh teacher called in the Head of the Welsh Department to back her up. Except she didn’t. She was a farmer’s daughter from our area and knew it was correct. I love this. And as a side note other words for cows are gwartheg and buchod at least that I can remember off the top of my head. I don’t use them myself so there may be other forms.

The Lost Astronomer for some strange reason has taken a particular liking to the word gwydd (goose). And shouts it aloud whenever he sees any. He is 31 honest. He also takes particular pleasure in moving my mother’s garden ornament geese around the garden to cause confusion. I also suspect that the reason he is so fond of the word is because how similar it is to gwraig (wife) and he can pretend to mix them up whenever he feels like it. I may be wrong but I have my suspicions…


4 thoughts on “Teaching The Lost Astronomer Welsh: Animals

  1. I badly need one of those little speaker symbols next to the words so I can click them and hear you say “CWN” (Coon? Cin? Cwin? Cowun?). I might have to make a speedy stop in Wales soon so I can always kidnap an unsuspecting Welshperson I suppose…

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