Sunshine and lollipops

The sun has come out with a vengeance. Starting yesterday. Or at least starting properly yesterday. The couple of days before yesterday alternated between blazing sun and pouring rain. It was very odd. Many rainbows. I do like a good rainbow.

However I am completely and utterly anti-sun and more to the point anti-hot weather. I do not do well in hot weather. I wilt. The absolute only plus of hot weather is ice cream and lollipops. And the fact that it’s dry, maybe. Sometimes I’m not sure that’s actually a plus. 

I’m currently actually grateful to be working in a cold cellar. It’s lovely down there. I even need to wear a jumper. 

Which brings me to my main problem with hot weather. It’s impossible to dress for it. There’s only so many clothes you can take off before you pass the point of indecency. At least in the cold you will eventually have enough clothes on to stay warm. And there are fires. I love sitting in front of the fire when it’s frosty outside. Or even just cold.

I’m probably the only person in the UK currently going when will it end? When will the weather be sensible again? I’m Welsh I can’t take this kind of weather, it’s weird and uncomfortable. I like the cold. Not so fussed on the damp despite the Welshness but I like the cold.


10 thoughts on “Sunshine and lollipops

  1. Hahahaha! I’ll take your balmy weather. I can offer you cloud and cold in exchange? How do you feel about that? I think (hope) I am getting my kitten soon, and he is going to be Welsh! I had a look through Welsh names for a suitable cat name but they all sound so odd to me it may have to be his middle name. Keep him connected to his roots, you know…

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    • Done when can we swap? 😜

      I’d say Llewelyn after the Welsh Princes (Llew for short also means Lion) to give your cat ideas of its own grandeur. I think you may have issues with the Ll though. Everybody does for some reason. I shall give it some thought!

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      • Is it pronounced like a weird sort of Sh sound? I think he’s going to be a boy and am considering giving him Daffyd as a middle name because it’s so unapologetically and recognisably Welsh, but am open to all suggestions! I like the idea of calling him Lion… A friend suggested I call him Bastet after the Egyptian God and I can’t stop laughing at the thought of yelling out “COME HERE YOU LITTLE BASTET!”

        Don’t think the nighbours would understand the mythological reference…

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      • Close enough… Though no not really. It’s very difficult to describe. Do you mean Dafydd?

        I like the name Bastet mostly because I’m now imagining little old ladies looking in you at horror over the fence… I don’t care if you have no little old ladies as neighbours, this is my imagination.


  2. Maybe it is a cultural thing but why do you only have lollipops when it is hot out? Or maybe your lollipops are different than ours?

    I’m the complete opposite – I like it oh so hot which is unusual given I was born and raised in Alaska. Most folks here like it cool to cold.

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