And Pause!

Well that’s that then, no more IVF for a few months. 

Today we went to the Fertility Clinic for a baseline scan before starting on the next round of IVF in this case a frozen round. They were using the scan to check for a polyp which they’d picked up on during the first round but had decided not to remove. It was still there. As was the anovarian cyst on my left ovary. 

Anyhow they’ve now decided (or at least the nurse has – she was going to talk to a consultant) after a normal scan and then a scan using saline water being stuck inside my uterus that said polyp should be removed. I’m not sure why they’ve decided to remove it now as opposed to before the first round but there you go.

So I’m going to be referred to a waiting list so I can have a hysteroscopy and polypectomy procedure performed on me. Apparently the waiting list is several months long. 

So we definitely aren’t going to get the frozen transfer done anytime soon. I suppose it’s a good thing really as it’s taking away something bad but also giving me the opportunity to lose the weight I’ve put on since starting this whole process. Chocolate has been my friend recently. Can’t be a bad thing to lose a bit of weight right? Or to fitten up? They won’t hurt, not too much anyhow and they may just help!


6 thoughts on “And Pause!

  1. I think that’s good. It is forcing you to get yourself settled first. Taking the decision of now or later away. Perhaps a couple of months waiting while you find the right job and move south to a new home and time with the hubby will ease the stress you’ve been under. Take it easy, find your rhythm and the rest will happen. One way or another. Be good to yourself 😊 xx

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    • You’re probably right – it’s just annoying as I’d geared myself up for it. And I kind of wanted to get things done before moving to a different area so we wouldn’t have to add extra travel time. But hey ho. See what happens next I suppose! 🙂

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  2. I mean… it can’t be a bad thing, but chocolate is amazing! So. It’s your choice. A happy medium is probably best for everyone involved! Like… a bit of exercise and then a Cadbury’s Flake, just to remind you that life is good.

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