IVF – how the Lost Astronomer doesn’t count

It’s so annoying. I got a missed call from one of the doctors at the Clinic Wednesday. No idea which one as I couldn’t understand his accent. By the time I got the message and phoned back the clinic was closed. I work in a cellar – my mobile is out of signal for the entire day. There is nothing I can do about this.

I asked the husband to phone them back yesterday on my behalf which he dutifully did. The doctor wasn’t available but would phone him back. No call back. He was going to phone again today, not sure if he did but he was planning to. Next thing I know I went outside (to gaze in horror at the sunshine – also to warm up the cellar is cold!) during my break and there was a missed call. So I phoned them back and all they wanted to do was confirm that they would refer me for the hysteroscopy. But my point is it’s as if the Lost Astronomer doesn’t exist. He phoned them back and they said they’d return his call. They didn’t they phoned me despite my telling them on numerous occasions I work in a cellar I have no signal. There is no point phoning me.

It annoys me so much. Any potential children we have will have a mother and a father. The Lost Astronomer has just as much of a right to know what is going on as I do. I’m so annoyed about this. If it was the other way around there’d be such a fuss about sexism.

Anyhow I probably better actually get on with my work as opposed to being frustrated at the internet.


3 thoughts on “IVF – how the Lost Astronomer doesn’t count

  1. That is incredibly annoying. Next time you go in there ask them to put a note on your chart saying to call LA if they can’t reach you. They should be able to stick a pop-up message on your chart to that effect.

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  2. That is one thing that drives us both batty! Especially when I’m not up for dealing with the clinic, I need them to let my husband do it. We ruled out several clinics becuase they pretty much ignored him.

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    • To be fair the nurses are pretty good, it’s the doctors who are the issue. And giving them the benefit of the doubt it may be because it was regarding a hysteroscopy I’m being signed up for. Maybe they’re not allowed to discuss with the Lost Astronomer. Will have to make a point of getting them to contact LA when we finally start the frozen round.


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