The Great Box Hunt

1497334498739880789797.jpgWe are slowly, very slowly moving towards the whole moving out thing. Theoretically we’ll be out of our current home within a fortnight. Except we won’t be moving into our new home. That would obviously be far too much to expect. So we’re going into rental accommodation for a while and our stuff is going into storage.

For this we need boxes – the problem is I absolutely refuse to pay through the nose for a pile of cardboard so I’ve been collecting them. From shops, and from McDonalds. I like the McDonalds boxes they’re the best, the fries ones are perfect for books. Which we have a lot of. I collected a load last weekend. But, I sent the husband to collect some more Saturday just past as I’d run out and whoever he spoke to said that they now rip up the boxes. Now this may be just an awkward McDonalds person but we then tried a different McDonalds and saw someone ripping a box apart so didn’t even bother asking.

We eventually tracked down a few boxes from H&M but the ones they gave us were huge and so only really light stuff could go in them otherwise they’d be unusable. We then went home Saturday night in the hopes that my baby sister may have unpacked some of her boxes (she got the keys to her brand new house on Friday) and to be nosy. She sadly hadn’t unpacked but had three spare so we brought them home with us on Sunday and had a good look around her lovely new home, also helped carry some stuff from her old home to the new (about a hundred yards down the road – I’d love to know what the neighbours thought about the whole thing). For the sake of sibling solidarity, also because they are coming to help move us lock stock and barrel into storage next weekend – fair’s fair after all. Of course I’m still in the process of packing and will probably definitely need many more boxes. Who knew we owned so much stuff? It’s ridiculous. Any ideas of people who’d give me non-ripped up boxes?


6 thoughts on “The Great Box Hunt

  1. This may or may not be helpful but the last time I was looking for a box I just went into one of those Gino’s ice cream places and asked for one and after some confusion on their part they brought me one (I needed it for a seagull so they were very amused). Maybe try them if you have any nearby – he said they had different sizes when I went in.

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