The End of a Chapter

OK, So everything (I really, really hope) has finally been retrieved from our home in Follytown. The house is now forlorn and empty. I really don’t like it. It makes me miserable.

I’ve packed stuff away all over the place – in storage*, at my parents, in our temporary flat! I picked up the last of the stuff yesterday, all by myself I may add. A whole Micra full of random stuff including dead plants the Lost Astronomer wouldn’t let me throw away, carted them across the country and unloaded the lot. I was an interesting magenta colour by the end of this form of torture. I went up and down the stairs about a million times. This is only a slight exaggeration.

Considering that I was never that fond of the house in Follytown I’m surprised by how much it’s upset me that it is now empty. And is no longer our home. I suppose it’s the lack of familiar things, our temporary flat is furnished so it’s not even my bright red sofa I’m sat on right now. And then I don’t start my new job until the 12th of July, so I’m basically putting the flat to rights so that it’s at least liveable without boxes and bags of books everywhere – and there’s only so much of this you can do without succumbing to sheer boredom.  I also need a car for my new job which involves two offices an hour apart – as the Lost Astronomer is driving mine into the ground and I refuse to have it back after he’s abused it for two years I’m getting a new car (or at least a new second hand one – this is an expense we could well do without at the moment but hey ho) and he will just have to use the Micra.

The putting the flat in order thing has to be done by Saturday as the Lost Astronomer has apparently invited friends round. Which as we have nowhere to put them I find a bit exasperating. But then boys are odd creatures, they may enjoy sleeping on the living room floor. I think we can fit them in just, if we make the floor like a jigsaw puzzle. But I really wish he’d waited a week or two so we could explore a bit of the area and get to know what was what.

This is a very disjointed blog post. But then there is just so much happening it’s difficult to keep up. There’s moving, there’s storage, there’s jobs, there’s cars. Then there’s all the resultant paperwork and costs. I mean I contacted our Home Insurance to suspend it until we move into our new home, however they preferred to cancel it. Which costs £50 meaning I only get £50 back from an annual insurance policy which started in February. It seems like such poor salesmanship. I will never go back to that insurance company now as I feel as if they’ve twisted me. I realise they haven’t it’s all in the small print if you look, however, by making my life that little bit more difficult they’ve made me go why would I recommend you to anybody?

Oh and I wanted to move our electricity and gas supply except the meter readings are in the wrong slot in the contract by the looks of it. The Gas meter reading is too long and electricity too short. So now I have to wait for the Lost Astronomer to come home and show me where the meters are so I can sort it out. And as there’s also a water meter I don’t know which way round they should be!

And to think all of this will have to be done again in a few months time! Panic? Me? Never!



*which what a way to make money a shed with lots of lockable rooms it’s a mugs game and they always have a “starting offer” of eight weeks or so before doubling in expense! I mean generally speaking who’s going to move their stuff if they expect to move into a new house any day now?


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