I’m Melting… Meeeltiiing

As previously mentioned I am no fan of the heat and the UK seems to be having a lot in the way of heat waves this year. To the point that I feel a bit like the Wicked Witch having a bucket of water thrown over her, except I never actually get to the being completely melted bit. Which by the way, how does this work? I mean is she made of salt? She must have never washed in the whole of her life, which would explain the interesting shade of green I suppose. But still no wonder she became a wicked witch – she couldn’t wash at all ever due to meltage, so she smelled and became a pariah. Also, what happens when you’re caught out by a shower of rain? No wonder she went into wicked witching.


On a completely separate note we have been slowly exploring Southampton. It’s a surprisingly nice city, my expectations weren’t that high to be fair – cities annoy me, too many people.  We walked in today and wandered about a bit; found where all the shops live, that sort of thing, and saw how the old city (what’s left of it) lives side by side with the new one. The Second World War was not nice to Southampton.

Walking into the centre may have not been the best idea in this heat, to be fair, but I managed until I started melting. In the end we caught an oven (okay, a bus that was pretending to be an oven) back to our little flat, where we flung open the windows, showered and generally worked on cooling down.

We’ve also done some driving around the local area. The New Forest especially is beautiful. We’ve found a really beautifully located pub; my only issue with it is the food is decidedly average – although, to be fair, the prices are pretty good so swings and roundabouts. Also when we parked there last night we found horses all over the car park. Personally having been brought up around the animals I’m like “yes they’re horses what’s the big deal?” It baffles me that people stop by the road just to look at them. Horses aren’t exactly exotic in the countryside. Maybe I’m jaded?

New Forest Horses

Horses in the Pub Car Park                                                           Copyright: Lost Astronomer 2017

This weekend is for exploring and relaxing. The last fortnight or so have been incredibly stressful. And hot. I’ve been in tears on a regular basis. Next week will be stressful as well as we’re going to a sort of relatives wedding on Monday (the half sister of my step mother in law), we still need to get them a present and I’m starting a new job on Wednesday. Everything is happening at once. I’m sure all this palava is not good for me. Especially when mixed in with the currently evil sun.


How I currently feel about the sun….



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