Pyjamas and Crumpets

The Grand Adventures of Mrs S, Pyjamas, Crumpets and IVF

Oxford Botanical Gardens

Teaching The Lost Astronomer Welsh: Life Events

So a couple of months ago I tried to put my own infertility issues into perspective, when I found out about my closest friends mum being ill. Last week she died and Thursday we attended her funeral. It was truly... Continue Reading →

Wedding Dress Safari

Yesterday, my sister, my mum and I went on a wedding dress safari... This is so not my idea of fun. It wasn't my idea of fun before I got married, and I have discovered that it's no better now... Continue Reading →

IVF Day 67 – it’s definitely negative

Unfortunately, (or perhaps fortunately considering the amount I've bled this week) the pregnancy test I had to wait until today to take is negative. I've emailed the fertility clinic and am hoping they'll get back to me soon telling me... Continue Reading →

Teaching Welsh to the Lost Astronomer: Problems Encountered

Slowly but surely over the last few years I have been attempting to teach my hopelessly English husband to speak Welsh. And so I've decided to write a weekly, (possibly fortnightly?) blog post about how this is going.

IVF Day 65 – Running Away from Work

So in my wisdom I decided the best thing I could do today was go to work. It'll be a distraction I said, I can't just not go to work because my period started AGAIN I said. So I dutifully... Continue Reading →


I'm not a patient person. I can't help it I'm just not. And now I have to be patient for very nearly a fortnight to find out if the whole torturous thing of IVF worked. Or at least worked up... Continue Reading →

Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise

This is my current status after an embryo transfer this morning with the same doctor as collected the eggs on Monday. It was far less painful than Monday and required zero sedation so yay. It also took way less time... Continue Reading →

50% attrition rate

So yesterday we had 10 eggs today we have 5. That's 50% gone in 24 hours. I'm a bit scared of what Thursdays phone call will bring.  I'm recovering quite well I think. Though Mr Astronomer seems to think I'm... Continue Reading →

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