Day 47 – I think

I'm starting to lose count to be honest. What I do know is I've been injecting myself with Gonal F for 6 days now and have finished one pen. Stabbing myself in the stomach hasn't been nearly as bad as I expected to be fair. It's not that painful and the needles are tiny. Also … Continue reading Day 47 – I think


Day 40 – Down Regulation

This morning I had my Down Regulation appointment. This consisted of yet another internal scan. And being taught how to use the pen that holds my next lot of drugs. Somehow I get the feeling that sticking a needle in me is a whole lot different to sticking a needle into the little pad thing … Continue reading Day 40 – Down Regulation


So with the drug sniffing (my mother has informed me that medication sounds better than drugs - I think all my talk of drugs may be starting to freak her out slightly) starting tomorrow the stress levels in our household have gone through the roof. I've been off work for two days with a cold\sore … Continue reading Stress