And now we wait…

So once again we've been to Oxford - this time for the embryo transfer. For the two embryo transfer. It all went well but my full bladder as requested by the clinic was somewhat uncomfortable to say the least especially as the nurse doing the scanning was pressing on my belly rather forcefully, seriously I … Continue reading And now we wait…


Timing is everything!

I mean it with IVF everything is timed; and measured. After two scans going in the right direction, follicles growing? Check. A dominant follicle showing? Check, on the second scan. Endometrium, nice and thick for embryos? Getting there. I've also had to use a ovulation kit for the past week, which the husband had to … Continue reading Timing is everything!


So I had a missed call today telling me that my appointment with the gynaecology clinic at the John Radcliffe, regarding the hysteroctopy has been cancelled. They very inconveniently phoned while I was already on the phone and left a message. I tried phoning back twice but no joy, I'm assuming because it's after 5pm. … Continue reading Waiting